Welcome to Lithi Luxury Retreat in Santorini
A Dream Retreat for the Ultimate Getaway

Amphitheatrically perched on the side of the hill in Imerovigli, in the legendary island Santorini, the brand new Lithi Luxury Retreat redefines the notion of pristine luxury in a true state of oblivion, in a state of Lithi as we say in Greek.

A personal shelter where serenity and nature collide to offer you an escape of mind, body and soul. Enjoy the calm and tranquility of all-natural surroundings, let your eyes wonder to the endless blue of the sea and sky, free your thoughts and desires, experience the comfort, friendliness and warmth of authentic hospitality.

Find the peace and privacy you've been longing for while uncovering a unique piece of heaven on earth designed to offer you an unparalleled holiday experience.