Our Green Character

Lithi Luxury Retreat was inspired by our respect to the environment, embracing practices that approach the goal of sustainability. In the center of our project was the idea to design a property that will implement the principles of bioclimatic architecture, with energy efficient systems and technologies, so as to ensure the harmonious integration to the natural environment. That is why we chose to build our suites and villas into the land so that interiors and exteriors blend into the landscape and we achieve the minimum impact to the natural surrounding area. Moreover, the facade of each suite and villa is covered with volcanic stones so that the indoor area has a stable cool temperature, during the summer heat, minimizing the need for air conditioning.

We aim to exceed your expectations without harming the environment.

All suites and villas have adequate natural lighting and ventilation and our green roofs and plants are preserving the natural continuity of the landscape. In an effort to keep the environmental impact to a minimum, we use environmentally friendly products as well as 100% recyclable and natural organic materials. We encourage our guests to support our efforts for a sustainable world by recycling in the separated bins and by reducing the frequency of towel and linen changing.