A Land Inspiring the Senses

As soon as we laid eyes on the lot in 2018, we were overwhelmed by the serenity and calm taking over our senses. Like a wave of bliss, we were carried away to a playful dance with the sun and the sea, orchestrated by the colors of nature. A pause in time, where the only sound was the echo of our thoughts, of the energy of our pure existence. This sensation was so magical that awakened a vision, a dream that we've decided to bring to life. The idea of a place, so tranquil and hospitable that would draw its guests into a state of oblivion or else "Lithi".

A place where time has no meaning, where the past is insignificant, and the present is waiting to be written in a blank page by you. We invite you to let go, experience moments of absolute relaxation and carefreeness in a paradise made of the very elements of nature.